I am Cata Aguirre, cosmetologist, and I have been treating the skin of people
of all ages and conditions for more than ten years.

With this experience in mind I would like to provide answers to some questions that my clients ask about the active ingredients that make up the Kumiko anti-aging product range.

I will also take the opportunity to tell you how each of the KUMIKO products should be used. 

Keep in mind that all advice comes with the caution: USE GOOD SUN PROTECTION. Sunscreen products are especially important if you use products containing acids and retinoids – as many skin-care and anti-aging products do. It is a good idea to do patch tests of new products in a less noticeable area of the skin, such as behind the ear or on the leg, to check if you may be allergic to the product.

I've heard about KUMIKO and I don’t know where to start. How do I make the best use of the products?

If you are just starting a skin-care regime and you are not used to a routine of daily creams, I advise you to select one or two products first, and then over time, add the rest of the line.

I suggest you start with the serum and day cream, primary products to start any
beauty routine.

The day moisturizer brings most of the moisture your skin needs to fight the ravages of the environment. However, never forget to drink two litres of water daily – it is the perfect complement to maintaining the freshness of the skin.
Then progress to the serum. It is essential, because it acts at the dermal level,
stimulating the fibroblasts to improve the production of collagen and elastin, while the moisturizing cream acts at the epidermal level, occluding and preventing the leakage of the serum. These two products complement each other with exceptional results.

I have always looked after my skin with specialised products, following a rigorous
cleaning and nutrition routine. Now, I would like to try the KUMIKO line of creams,
because I am a fan of Matcha tea and I know all the benefits it brings to health.

What are the steps you should follow to use the cream line correctly?

If you have been using skin care creams for a long time, I recommend the following:

Start by cleaning with KUMIKO cleansing products.
First, in the evening, use the make-up remover, Matcha Luxurious Face Wash and follow up with the tonic, Matcha Perfectly Radiant Boost.

In the morning, continue your routine with the serum, Matcha Lift Filler Booster and wait until it completely penetrates. Next, continue with the Matcha Sculpting Eye Lift, giving small and delicate taps with the fingertips around the area to achieve penetration and stimulate blood supply.

Continue with the Matcha Perfect Advanced Shield day cream, applying with
ascending circular movements.

In the evening, repeat the KUMIKO cleansing routine, then apply Matcha intense
Recovery with proteoglycans. Then, after it has been completely absorbed, continue with the KUMIKO eye contour and, finally, the Matcha Perfect Skin Refiner night cream.

I have more than one skin problem, how do I choose which products to use?

Decide what you want to achieve from skin care products. Do you have oily skin or sun-damage to your skin? Uneven pigmentation, dry skin or prematurely aged skin? Or perhaps a combination of some of these conditions?

Fortunately, KUMIKO products have more than one function. For example, the
retinoic acid in the night cream focuses on combating the free radicals that cause
skin oxidisation. While it directly fights skin aging, it also has a depigmenting effect and beautifully regulates oily skin. Retinol and retinoids are like a silver bullet for the skin: they normalise it – acting against aging, pigmentation and imperfections.

Now, let's choose another of the KUMIKO products. If we choose the proteoglycans (Matcha Intense Recovery), concentrated vials, we obtain the active proteoglycans, vitamin C and the Matcha tea component. This powerful mixture is a youth pump that can be used to treat both greasy and very skin dry equally well. In both conditions the product will have an unparalleled effect when it comes to creating a natural hydration network, because it accelerates the production of hyaluronic acid itself, while re-firming the structure of the skin.

I recommend going to PRODUCTS on our website. There you will find a detailed
description by product of ingredients, their effects on the sin and the results that may be expected from using them.

There are many indications and benefits for each of the products but when I go to
use them, I get a bit confused!

Many people write their routines down, or even print a spreadsheet, to keep things organized. My advice would be for you to label the bottles with a permanent marker to know what is what. This is especially useful in the morning when you may be sleepy and perhaps in a hurry or night, when you are tired. It avoids confusion and the need to read labels on containers.

I like to use products from different brands in a single regime; I am my own alchemist for the care of my skin. Can Kumiko products be mixed with other brands of facial care?

If your skin is used to different brands and you have no adverse reaction, you can do this with Kumiko – combine with another brand, but always following the order that I indicate for facial care (see answer to Q2) - and remember to do your allergy test if you have any concerns in that regard.

Always remember: If you have doubt about the order in which the products should be applied to the skin, apply them in order of texture: thin and runny, ending with the thickest and least runny.

I have rosacea, I don’t see a regimen that mentions it so what should I use?

Kumiko products are designed for all complexions and skin types, including
conditions such as rosacea. The active ingredients that could cause irritation or act as vasodilators are protected by the vehicle which penetrates directly to the dermi, avoiding any adverse response. 

Do you have another question? Please email us to info@kumiko.co and I will reply as soon as possible.