Matcha Intense Recovery - Proteoglycans Plus

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KUMIKO Intense is an anti-ageing preparation containing proteoglycans and extracts of Matcha tea presented in vials.

KUMIKO Intense is a unique solution that defends against the multiple signs of ageing and damage. Containing an advanced combination of antioxidants and moisturizers, KUMIKO Intense works against the loss of firmness, wrinkles and fine lines. Highly concentrated proteoglycans (5%) with glycosaminoglycans in KUMIKO Intense, accelerates the production of hyaluronic acid, providing greater hydration for the skin. Also, vitamin C (5%), plus vitamin E and Matcha Tea extract, helps prevent the effects of free radicals and favors the synthesis of new collagen.

KUMIKO Intense ensures skin is dramatically repaired from the dermis to the outermost layers of the epidermis, resulting in fresh looking skin that is well hydrated, luminous...firm. Dual effect KUMIKO Intense can, in the first instance, be applied for an almost instant transformation when you want to show your most radiant face. The proteoglycans penetrates the tissues, accumulating moisture and creating a tensioning effect in the treated area – quite literally pushing out - smoothing lines and wrinkles. The second, long-term effect is that wrinkles are gradually blurred out as the skin is constantly re-firmed and hydrated by the increased collagen. One’s own, natural proteoglycans are stimulated to create a natural hydration network and firm the structure of the skin.

Shake the vial before use. Use KUMIKO Intense every evening after washing your face. Gently massage into the skin of the face, neck and
décolleté, until completely absorbed. Slight skin tightness and stickiness may be experienced as a short term side effect of this intense treatment; this is normal and quickly disappears once your regular cream has been applied. Vials are supplied with a replaceable cap but, to maintain the effectiveness of KUMIKO Intense, the contents should be used within 48 hours of opening.