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ANTI-AGING & LIFTING SERUM - Matcha Lift Filler Booster 30ml


Matcha Lift Filler Booster

Wrinkle Lifting Serum

KUMIKOTM Serum is an innovative, multi-benefit preparation that complements the natural restorative powers of the skin helping visibly lift and firm the skin for a youthful looking density. Containing powerful, multi-action antioxidants this concentrated formula is designed to protect the skin against premature ageing. The impressive combination of Matcha Tea, nori seaweed, marine collagen and hyaluronic acid work together to neutralize external agents that cause loss of smoothness and the appearance of wrinkles.

A complex of firming plant extracts in KUMIKOTM Serum, and especially active Osilift®, increase the firmness and elasticity of the delicate facial skin. Peptides wrinkle relaxing effect help smooth the lines caused by frowning and other facial expressions, resulting in an immediate lifting of the tissues.

KUMIKOTM Serum is recommended for dehydrated, tired skin that may be showing loss of tone.


Apply KUMIKOTM Serum each morning and evening after using KUMIKOTM Cleanser.

Press the pump once to dispense a shot of serum into the palm of the hand.

Distribute this evenly over the face in small dabs then massage into the skin until the serum has fully penetrated and is no longer visible.