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RICH HYDRATION CLEANSER - Matcha Luxurious Face Wash 100ml


Matcha Luxurious Face Wash

Rich Hydration Cleanser

KUMIKOTM Cleanser is luxurious, rich, creamy and purifying. Its selected active ingredients effectively remove impurities from the skin while retaining its essential moisture, resulting in a fresh, smooth look and feel.

The extracts of Matcha Tea, almond oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter and essential orange oil, prepare the skin to better integrate the benefits of further KUMIKOTM Skin Care treatments.

KUMIKOTM Cleanser imparts a soft, supple, bright look and is suitable for all skin types.


Use every morning and evening. First, moisten face with warm water. Measure out two pearls of KUMIKOTM Cleanser. Massage into the skin of the face with the tips of your fingers with gentle circular ascending movements until a smooth milk forms.

Rinse well – avoid direct eye contact.


Take care to avoid getting the product into the eyes. If eye contact occurs, rinse really well with water. If irritation occurs or continues consult your doctor.